The book is a must read for therapist, teacher, religious practitioner and layperson. It
provides a contemplative exploration and exposition of the essential connectivity of
the paths of life and soul. The book is informed by deep research and mindfulness that
engender focus on the inner self.
Dr. Thomas offers a refreshing insight into the reality of the connection between our
humanity and our spirituality in a world dominated by materialism—“There is a path
towards selfhood where the soul urges to be acknowledged”— a clear message that this
connection is an imperative in self growth.
The author’s Helsinki discussions with Professor Matti Huttunen identify professional
and personal experiences with “the significance of trauma to our ‘path’ in life”. They
reflect how a sense of connection between the path of the body and spirituality—the
path of the soul— can emerge through experiencing extreme events which challenge
the meaning of life.
There is a rich exploration of the spiritualism of the middle ages in identifying how materialism
has impacted contemporary life and our understanding of the whole self. There
is a realistic portrayal how life’s journey, without awareness of the body-soul relationship
can deepen the impact of depression, anxiety and anger. The author constructively identifies
how therapy is ‘another way of learning’ through collaborating with patients in getting
in touch with their spiritual resources/reality.
Dr. Thomas emphasises that the essential life-long learning and action that strengthen
the mind-soul relationship can only be achieved “through meditation, mindfulness and
contemplative prayer”. The latter emerges through Dr. Thomas’ deep exploration and well
reasoned discussion that will challenge readers to move away from a materialism that has
replaced the soul-mind understanding evident in pre-Renaissance life.
Bevin Wigan retired in 2010 after a multidisciplinary life journey as a youth worker,
chemist, army officer, intelligence expert, academic and therapist.

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